Delivering original insights on innovation in remote, rural and island regions



I work to deepen an audience’s understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in the world’s most isolated regions.

Through customized speaking engagements, I change the narrative on rural, remote and island regions by demonstrating how they can become centers of innovations and create world-changing solutions. This is based on my wide-ranging experience in international politics, academic, nonprofits, government and the private sector.

I will hold a preliminary call to determine key themes, audience and length of engagement, with a follow up call to review a draft presentation and discuss feedback.

This allows for the engagement to be tailored to local needs and meet the requirements of the client.


I understand sustainable development. You understand your region. Workshops are an opportunity to share our knowledge and create actionable solutions and new directions.

In a one-day workshop, we can discuss case studies and programs designed to encourage entrepreneurship in peripheral regions and opportunities for implementation.

I will generate a report of opportunities and key insights to be referred to as a future resource. Organizations can then implement these ideas according to the discussed timelines and suggested partners. I can continue offer connections to specific partners following the workshop.


I provide ongoing support for teams developing projects to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation. I can tailor this experience according to needs of the project.

I can play the role of an additional team member bringing a new and distinct perspective of development projects. I work with companies as an advisor for long-term programs, providing feedback, brainstorming and planning advice.